Eva | E-Line | @22 No Rinse Nutritive Emulsion

Eva | E-Line | @22 No Rinse Nutritive Emulsion

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Product Description:

Nourishing emulsion for dry or damaged hair.

Revitalizes hair, providing the nutrients mistreated hair needs to make it healthy again. Oleo Complex makes @22 a very effective conditioner. It leaves behind no greasy feeling and is quick and easy to apply.


Conditions and moisturizes dry, mistreated hair.

Makes detangling easier.

Provides elasticity, energy and shine.

Non-greasy formula.

Paraben-free, sulfate-free formula.

Available in 200 ml formats.

Ingredients: Oleo complex: fusion of avocado, safflower and jojoba oils. Intended to illuminate, moisturize, protect and repair the hair fiber.


E-LINE @22
Repair and shine



No-rinse nutritive emulsion.






TUBE of 200ml / 6,76fl oz






Conditions and moisturises dry



mistreated hair. Makes detangling easier



while providing elasticity



vigour and shine



Non-greasy formula.






Products that act deep-down in dry, dehydrated hair, restructuring and revitalising it as needed.






With oil complex



Formula rich in avocado, safflower and jojoba oils; intended to brighten, hydrate, protect and repair the hair fibre. 

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