Eva | Capilo | Quino Moelle | Hidro-Lipidic Lotion

Eva | Capilo | Quino Moelle | Hidro-Lipidic Lotion

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Eva Capilo Quino Moelle Nutritive Silk Plus Hidro-Lipidic Lotion is a specially formulated fluid for dry, sensitised hair lacking in hydrolipids, which makes it more vulnerable to external stress. Fragile hair has a coarser appearance, split ends and is difficult to detangle. Quino Moelle hydrating action works form the inside, strengthening and regenerating the capillary structure. Furthermore, using Quino Moelle is an effective way protecting the hair fibre from the heat of ironing or drying. The silk protein in its formula acts as a natural macromolecular filament whose hydrolytic action products amino acids that provide great softening power, boosting the formation of young, healthy cells that ensure softness, restoration and capillary protection. The hair becomes internally restored, hydrated and manageable, and takes on exceptional shine and softness. 

After washing the hair with the most suitable Capilo shampoo, dry slightly with a towel. Apply the required amount of the product depending on the length of the hair. Do not rinse and comb as usual, blow-dry as normal.

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