Eva | Capilo | Vitalikum | #04 |Shampoo | Hair Loss | Oily Hair

Eva | Capilo | Vitalikum | #04 |Shampoo | Hair Loss | Oily Hair

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Product Description:

Shampoo Vitalikum #04 is specifically recommended to treat hair loss associated with seborrhoea. The combined action of rosemary and the stem cell activator intensely purifies the scalp and provides a sebum-regulating action, promoting cell renewal and hair growth.


Intensively regulates the overproduction of oil.

Stops hair loss.

Strengthens the scalp and thickens the hair.

Makes hair shinier and more flexible.

Paraben, sulfate, silicone and allergen-free formula.

Available in a 250 ml and 1L formats.


Quillaia extract: Decreases the oily texture of the hair. Excellent antiseptic and stimulating properties that reduce dandruff. Makes the hair more flexible.

Stem cell activator: Boosts stem cell activity. Stops hair loss. Redensifies and strengthens the hair.

Rosemary extract: Great antioxidant and purifying action. Strengthens and stimulates the hair fiber. Gives the hair extra shine.

Amino acid concentrate: A key factor in the hair's elasticity and strength, amino acids make up the proteins in our hair. Revitalizes the hair from the root, strengthening its structure. Stimulates hair growth.

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